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I’ve struggled with responsible eating and disordered eating for as long as I can remember. Jean has actually created two meal plans for me; the first was to help regulate my disordered eating and create healthy eating habits... the second was customized for a severe ulcer I was suffering from. Both plans were exceptional. She catered to my food preferences, including my dietary needs (vegan) I am a very picky eater and every recipe and snack was delicious and easy. When I was suffering from my ulcer, I started to gain weight because the only foods I was eating were plain bread and pasta. Jean was able to come up with a healthy and delicious plan that didn’t cause any flare ups and I was able to lose the pounds I had gained, She was even able to help direct me to some healthy natural remedies to help heal my ulcer.

I would highly recommend her for any issues or concerns you have. She is highly knowledgeable and can assist with helping you reach your goals... whatever they may be!

Renee S.

Using the meal plan provided by MaxWell Nutrition I lost over 20 pounds in eight weeks. The meals, in addition to being healthy, were delicious and easy to prepare. Following the meal plan also taught me better eating habits and self-discipline so I was able to maintain my desired weight once I had achieved it.

Paul S.

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