MaxWell Nutrition, LLC

Suffolk, Virginia

Customer Testimonials

One year ago this February I started on a 4-week meal plan devised by Jean Maxwell, R.D., with the goal of losing 15 pounds. The packet included detailed menus for 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for 4 weeks with recipes, food substitutions, do's and don't's, and nutritional information. I am happy to say that 

this plan worked beautifully and, along with stepping up exercise such as walking, yoga, and fitness classes, enabled me to meet my weight-loss goal and go from a size 14 pants to a 12-- even a 10 in a couple of instances. The good habits I developed on Jean's plan served me very well!

Cathy S. 

Using the meal plan provided by MaxWell Nutrition I lost over 20 pounds in eight weeks.  The meals, in addition to being healthy, were delicious and easy to prepare. Following the meal plan also taught me better eating habits and self-discipline so I was able to maintain my desired weight once I had achieved it.

Paul S.